Baby the Shark
Baby the SharkBaby the SharkBaby the Shark

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Baby the Shark


Baby is a bit young and so he’s still learning his way around the ocean. But he’s so playful and may give you some nibbles. He’s always messing around and bumping into things. You’ll need to mentor him and help him navigate through the world.




Plushy Features

💆 Our plushies can improve sleep quality by helping to relieve stress. They create a warmer, safer, and more loving space. 

😍 Our plushies are the perfect gift for your loved ones. It’ll be sure to leave them with a smile and remind them of your presence when they sleep with the plushy.

😴  All our plushies are crafted with super soft material so they are extremely comfortable to sleep with. 

🌲 All our plushies are made with the finest grade PP cotton and sewn beautifully with the highest quality workmanship. Our plushies are designed by our creative team in Japan. 

Plushy Sizes

Measurements of our plushies may be off by a few centimeters due to how PP cotton naturally expands and compresses. Our plushies are vacuum sealed and compressed before shipping so that we can provide you with free shipping. Please allow at least a few days for the plushie to expand back to its original full size. Note that the large body size plushies in the images are usually the largest size option (usually 100cm). 


What are your plushies made out of?
All of our plushies are filled with high quality - premium PP Cotton with the softest outer coverings you could ever dream of! Many of our customers sleep with their Squishies and use them as body pillows. 

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, yes and yes! We ship to over 300 countries and offer free shipping to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Can they be washed?

It is recommended to hand wash your Squishies with mild detergent and cold water. If you would like to disinfect your Squishies we recommend products like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer that work with white and color material. Don't forget to fluff your Squishies with a low heat dryer once you are done! It will be good as new! 

We are proud to offer FREE tracked shipping to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many more countries! Please take a look at our shipping policy page for more details. 

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