What materials are the plushies made out of? 

Our plushies are made of the highest quality PP Cotton. This material gives them their trademark silky soft feel and cloud like fluffiness. You'll never leave your fluffy friends alone! 

How do you get rid of the wrinkles on my plushie? 

Don't worry! Some plushies are often vacuum packed so they can safely make it to your home. They just need a bit of time to decompress once out of their bags. Make sure to give it a little fluff and shake to even them out. 

How do I clean my plushy?

We recommend cleaning your plushy using cold water and mild detergent. Hand washing and air drying is recommended. Just fluff it up with a hair dryer at the end and it will be good as new! 

Can I track my order?

Yes! We will send you a shipping confirmation email as well as an order confirmation page that provides a tracking link. The link will work once the shipment is out from our warehouses. 

Your order confirmation email also contains your order number which should contain "#" followed by 4 numerical digits (i.e. #1001). Simply copy and paste this order number along with you email in the "track your order" tab on our website.

How long does delivery take?
Average shipping times are between 25-35 days. Shipping times does not include our 1-3 days of processing. Please anticipate total delivery time to be between 25-38 days. Shipping is taking a bit longer than normal due to delays from Covid-19. We certainly appreciate your patience and it is not going unnoticed! We are working diligently everyday with our logistics team to maximize our efficiencies in shipping while ensuring the safety of all involved. 
How much does shipping cost? 
We provide FREE shipping to the U.S. and offer shipping to over 200 countries!
How can I contact you? 
You can send us an email directly at Hello@SquishiesCo.com
Where is Squishies Co based and where do we ship from?
Squishies Co is based in the U.S. but for us to ship our Squishies at free or extremely affordable rates worldwide we manufacturer and ship our plushies directly from China.  Yes, this means we are able to pass on savings even for our super, life sized plushies! We have dedicated logistics and quality control teams to make sure you are only getting the cutest and softest plushies!